1. 4. 3. 2. 1. Traveller has lift off,

Rushing air slips passed at astonishing speed.

Fiery exhausts thrusting the cargo upwards,

To the inky black space but still they proceed.


The two travellers inside their metal cocoon,

In a bubble of air, safe for now.

The harsh vacuum of space kept out,

By a two inch thick silica bow.


Flashing lights everywhere shimmering bright,

Connect with all critical systems.

Preserving their precious and valuable lives,

For them to use their wisdoms.


The planet earth became a turquoise spot,

In the middle of the starry midnight sky,

In space nobody can hear you scream or cough,

Except for each other flying so high,


On the two travellers went going faster and farther,

The course set months previously.

A point just beyond Uranus their destination,

A point recognized Very easily.


But just past Jupiter an almighty crack,

An asteroid punctured the fragile hull.

The captain screamed at his alien shipmate,

Use your slime to fill the hole full.


The alien slithered through the windy ship,

On a cushion of its own slime,

Sticking to walls, floor and the ceiling,

Sliding to the scene of the crime.


A whirlwind was whistling in the lonely ship,

The precious air escaping.

Alarms and sirens warning of imminent danger,

A mortal wound gaping.


The would be saviour of this doomed hulk,

Arrives at its deadly laceration.

Quick as a flash he squirted his slime,

It instantly formed an air tight insertion.


Suddenly the writhing spacecraft fell silent,

A tranquil calmness gratefully returned.

The two inseparable lonely travellers,

Continued their journey bravely unturned.


Passed the beauty of Saturn’s rocky rings,

Alive with ice glinting from far off light.

Ever spinning round their gaseous master,

Bathed with weak rays but shrouded in night.


Onward as the spacecraft left the rings behind,

With Uranus in their sight.

The alien saw the blue speck in the dark,

Like moths they follow the light.


Bigger and Brighter the planet grew,

As their target grew nearer.

The travellers slowing with the ship,

When space time became queerer.


Just outside uranus’s orbit it floated,

A monolith of all time,

A galactic destroyer of civilizations.

A machine for a global crime.


An unearthly shape dominated space.

Dimensions greater than the normal three.

No colour on its pock marked surface,

Dented throughout its long feared history.


The two travellers dwarfed by their ultimate foe,

A futuristic David and Goliath.

Sneaking up to the pock marked hull,

Revealing the travellers chosen path.


Between the banks of phasers they flew,

To the hulks Achilles heel,

The one exhaust in their special dimension,

Nano lasers breaking the seal.


Inside the belly of the beast travellers went,

The starlight totally disappeared.

A tunnel of unimaginable length ensued,

But the wormhole reactor neared.



Different realities came and passed,

The ship was here there and everywhere.

One second they were grazing trees growing high,

Next they were in an alien lair.


Suddenly the elongated corridor opened wide,

The wormhole reactor was spinning fast.

By the time the travellers knew,

The wormhole aliens were there on mass.


But the cunning travellers had a daring plan,

This deed was months in the making.

The army of aliens they face,

Sensed their fear they were faking.


The travellers carried a secret weapon on board,

The likes of it were never known.

All the wormhole aliens floated in wonder,

From the tiny ship an object was blown.


A ten metre long graphene needle appeared,

The hardest material known to man.

With a barrel shaped chamber at the tail,

It floated between the alien clan.


All of a sudden the barrel opened,

Flames shot out from the rear.

Plunging into the wormhole reactor,

The aliens just watching in total fear.



The reactors casing started to crack and break ,

But the travellers were nowhere near.

They were half way down the long exhaust ,

The ship flying out in top gear.


Bursting into space at full speed they went,

Explosions started the vanquish.

The dreadnought seemed to suspend in time,

Then the aliens collapsed and vanished.


The travellers were suddenly alone in space,

The saviours of the earth.

These two inseparable friends and colleagues,

Their destinies set right from birth.

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