Abominable Beast


In a realm where eagles daren’t fly,

Above the clouds so very high,

A cave nestled in the harsh mountainside,

With a sign saying, enter and die.


Above the serenely turbulent cloud layer,

A brilliant white between the summits,

Mountaintops like unreachable snowy islands,

No man made tools braving the plummets.


A fiery glow emanating from this nestled cave,

Along with a deep and faint groaning,

This abominable beast was squeezing rock,

This daily chore always created moaning


The arduous task of making fire from solid rock,

Required incomprehensible might,

But even this humongous snowman gets cold,

And needs to warm his massive height.


Like a lone blue whale traveling the huge ocean,

He feeds on the smallest prey,

Tiny little ice ants are his delicacy of choice,

He eats them boiled every day.


He collected snow to melt into water,

Set ant traps at each dawn break,

Watched the sea of clouds floating idly,

Then harvested the traps to cook ant cake.

This was his daily routine and he was bored,

Tired of the surrounding whiteness,

Sick of the same old bland ice ant cake,

His life needed a lot more brightness.


He found himself screaming at the top of his lungs,

Hearing the echoes return,

All the same like his days on his mountaintop,

Then a sound came he did yearn.


It was a sweet tuneful bellow he’d never heard,

So evocative and enticing,

He called out again hoping for a personalized encore,

Then the other voice began to sing.


The sound reverberated around the mountains,

Filling the air with energy,

Like a heavy metal band doing a sweet symphony,

Ridding him of his lethargy.


He had to travel to the source of the music,

But the barrier of cloud loomed,

The abominable beast scared of this new feeling,

Down the mountain he zoomed.


Plunging into the impenetrable barrier of white,

No thought for his welfare,

Going towards the source of this hellishly angelic song,

Striding without any care.



Through misty woods and steamy rivers,

Nothing slowed the enchanted beast,

Finally finding the mountainside origin,

He started to climb without cease.


Over the boulders and the treacherous crags,

Towards the dense cloud ceiling,

Bounding like a mountain goat over loose rocks,

Fuelled by an overpowering feeling,


Bursting through the brooding cloud layer,

Blind hope ensued for metres,

Suddenly emerging to the bright azure sky,

Sunlight showing Windswept features.


His destination only a dozen hand holds above,

His pace starts to accelerate,

Arriving at the previously unreachable ledge,

The sight he saw was great.


The beast of beauty singing this ear splitting melody,

Melting his frozen heart,

They met each other’s warm and loving eyes,

Roaring in their love stories start.


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