Mirror Ball

Mirror ball with a mosaic view,

A broken reflection of the room,

A spherical vision looking back,

Sending squares into the gloom,

Perfect four sided points of light,

Radiating from the cracked skin,

A surface alive with copied colour,

Hiding a moulded structure within,

Hanging down from a white ceiling,

By two interlocking metal links,  

Rust is attacking the silver coating,

Creating scars of pits and dinks,

The myriad of mirrored angles,

Working together to show off,

The reality all around me today,

A cracking world with a cough,

Multiple viewpoints are on the skin,

Of this ball which looks out,

Its many eyes fixed on the room,

Seeing people full of doubt,

Broken gazes by lines of glassy eyes,

Hindsight looking back at us all,

Echoes of a care free yesterday,

Past reflections in the mirror ball,

The silent speakers awaiting noise,

Statuesque turn tables coloured grey,

With layers of after party resting dust,

Locked down with nothing to play,

Last orders taken at the empty bar,

Covered up beer taps ran dry,

Empty shelves holding on to memories,

All before alerts were on high,

The last pint pulled and slowly drank,

The final bell rang of the last call,

The party slowly exited a closing pub,

All reflected in this old mirror ball. 

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