The Man in the Ironed Mask

In England in the most unusual times,

One man stood out among others,

The world was at war with a new enemy,

Affecting everyone’s sisters and brothers.

The earth’s population walked in armour,

Multiple layers to protect their life,

Men, women and children were all targets,

More deadly than a point of a knife,

This man in the ironed mask was unique,

Oozing style and pernach every day,

Dry cleaned suit and slicked down hair,

An ironed mask with no threads astray.

Pandemic pandemonium and people’s panic,

All around this gentleman’s serenity,

A sheltered island in a turbulent ocean,

He never forgets his reflected vanity.

The colour combinations were just so right,

Each suit he owned had a matching mask,

Everyone had a place on his special hanger,

Sorting then in rainbow order was its task.

Following the guidelines to the letter daily,

Even the ones that conflicts other ones,

He didn’t take risks or meet the untested,

And definitely avoided crowd congestions.

This morning was a bright yellow mask day,

Which matched perfectly with his tie,

Suited and booted he commuted for work,

Suddenly he started coughing,  poor guy.

That day went from bad to worse quickly,

His suit was replaced with a white gown,

The ventilator followed on soon after that,

The virus had caught and taken him down.

The steady heart beeps lasted for months,

Only the nurses around him to listen,

His perfectly coiffured hair grown in knots,

And his healthy glow started to wizen.

 Finally the beeping faded away to silence,

His war had ended in bitter defeat,

This enemy can attack the best prepared,

So don’t leave this fight incomplete.

Remember the lost life around the world,

Use their memories to save our race,

We all need to kill this virus together,

Wash hands, cover face and make space.  

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