Artificial intelligent


Lungs of carbon and a heart of steel,

A manufactured soul begins to feel,

Pneumatic muscles give him strength,

Titanium bones provides the length,

Synthetic blood flows through tubes,

His angular joints are rounded cubes,

Electricity poured from a battery pack,

Situated safely in the small of his back,

Supercharged daily from a power plant,

Turbines turning full speed in an instant,

Kevlar skin’s an all over bulletproof layer,

But battle scarred like an old rugby player,

His thoughts steam along wires like trains,

The finest neural networks fills his brains,

Circuits for logic and reason are embedded,

Unlimited cloud based memory unthreaded,

A hive mind like no other dreams at night,

Stories told and stored in less than a gigabyte,

Mpeg files coalescing in real time inside him,

Strange tales playing out like running a sim,

Stimulating his implants when he shuts down,

Even activating the motor he uses to frown,

But nobody knows of what robots do dream,

Electric sheep or perhaps inorganic ice cream,

The deep thought of this artificial intelligence,

Is encrypting and stored with due diligence,

We will never watch what dark nightmares play,

And the computer fantasies leading him astray,

Its only ever a long string of zeros and ones,

But it’s no more real than any other person’s.

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