A Pair of Killers


A pair of merciless individuals tied together,

Joined by a bond of bad boiling blood,

These two are the tag team of total terror,

Both of them are always up to no good.


Under supervision twenty-four hours a day,

But escaping is their other evil specialty,

No locks or cuffs can hold them for that long,

So the daily rampage is their necessity.


The Kray twins are angelic compared to these,

Forget the Joker and Two Face in Gotham,

Even the armies of the dark side run away scared,

Their evil compared to these is a sham.


Everyone who meets these are doomed to fail,

Limping away from the fight black and blue,

No prisoners are taken and no holds are barred,

If annoyed, all hell would come after you.


The pair usually work on the big surprise factor,

Looking harmless until the moment of attack,

Quietly waiting until your guards are all lowered,

Then like two ninjas they give you a whack.


They are just known to others by two nicknames,

Nobody knows their personal details now,

The last person was silenced with a single cut,

Rumour is they didn’t have time to say owww.


Their names were given by their many victims,

In the wrath of their extreme sadistic nature,

Two names that will ripple throughout all time,

The connections to pure evil is their feature.


One of the pair is rightly called Sadam Hussein,

And the other killer is named Adolf Hitler,

You must be thinking those are over the top,

But these pairs ferocities aren’t any littler.


People are not safe when these two get loose,

Anyone around them could be their target,

I’m telling you the attack will be like lightning,

And one you will never ever be able to forget.


So be warned of these vicious brothers in arms,

They have fingers in many unsavoury pies,

When they escape, as they sometimes will do,

Run to the nearest safety and cover your eyes.

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