The Light in the Darkness


Our celestial travel companion shines down,

In reflected radiance to illuminate the nights,

The dusty surface battle scarred over the years,

Craters where meteors have taken their bites.  


The perfect circle of light is this monthly sight,

Casting midnight shadows in the glowing dark,

Showing off your full glorious face to the earth,

Swelling to be the dominant feature so stark.


You are the timeless object of nature’s rhythm, 

The pendulum regulating the life on earth,

Influencing each individual species from above,

Through their lives, death and then rebirth.


The waxing and waning throughout the years,

But I looked up to you on this starry night,

You are radiating a soft silvery sheen around me,

Shining magical light with all your might.


Manufacturing a strange feeling of the daytime,

Bathed in your gentle kiss of pure brightness,

Illuminating the black dread when the sun sinks,

Pouring down clarity with a quiet politeness.


Our friendly giant night time companion up high,

Protecting your sleeping world till the dawn,

Orbiting round everyone with your ageless face,

Our stellar protector we greet with a yawn.

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