Social distancing


An unwritten law in unwanted infectious times,

Society’s bedrock shattered by tiny invaders,

A dry cough the ultimate crime without parole,

The rest of us are a bunch of loo roll raiders.


A pandemic of panic has produced this poem,

In the midst of a locked down population,

Social isolation and distancing is now public law,

Policing your personal space is your salvation.


Two metres or six foot is your own danger zone,

From your toes or your nose I don’t know,

It makes a huge difference to my personal space,

Does the virus pounce on you from below? ?


Is the Corona virus like miniature cheetahs hunting,

Crawling up  between the threads of cotton,

Heading for your windpipe and sinking in its jaws,

Becoming a number government has forgotten.


Lurking on all surfaces ready to strike you down,

Separating you from your socially distanced herd,

a predator that has different torture techniques,

each victim suffered the way the virus preferred.


Safety in numbers is the wrong advice nowadays,

Our natural instincts of hiding away is right,

Barricading entrances and exits from this invader,

A silent killer that doesn’t go bump in the night.


The contactless era has a brand new meaning,

The green online circle is the new cheery wave,

Come round and have a chat when I’m available,

But make your own tea and don’t have a shave.


Alcohol consumption is on the rise these days,

But mostly absorbed through our idle hands,

Drinking many eighty percent proof shots of gel,

Not caring if they’re one of the leading brands.


Weeks and months of this social space oddity,

Floating through space time into the unknown,

Planet earth is healing without our daily lives,

The pollution is dissipating charts have shown.


Stocks and shares have plummeted simultaneously,

Money melting away like the sands of time,

Food banks and homeless shelters are a lifeline,

In this age when hoarding is a social crime.


The lockdown is enforced and the keys swallowed,

Boris has grounded us all from the party,

No dancing, drinking or eating in socialised spaces,

Just homemade soup making meals hearty.


Social distancing is straining the social wellbeing,

Of the lonely with sadness the main symptom,

The two metre wide gap can grow into many miles,

If we don’t keep hold of our own united kingdom.

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