Lost love to radioactive material


I had my soul mate making my life so good,

Every day I woke up with you by my side,

Your snuggles were so warm and comforting,

I was excited to be making you my bride.


With you my heart had its missing other half,

The piece that made my life become whole,

I was used to living my life right beside you,

Your love seemed to invigorate my very soul.


You were a respected scientist in the daytime,

A researcher in the city’s nuclear power plant,

So interesting when we were at home at night,

We hugged and talked about fusion coolant.


I was so happy and content when I was with you,

My life was complete until that day you fell,

I don’t blame you honey I know accidents happen,

But after that morning my life has been hell.


Why did you have to lean on that bannister?

The only one that was loose that awful day,

Why did nobody catch you on the way down,

But you were right everyone had to pay.


I don’t know what was in that huge lead vessel,

But it really changed you in so many ways,

Arms like tree trunks and your abs are steel,

And you have a temper on you these days


I quite like your skins unique blue glow all over,

Although you should cover more of it please,

Wearing a ripped orange bikini around town,        

You never used to be this much of a tease.


I hope this is just a phase you’re going through,

Wrecking all those helicopters and the tanks,

I know they fired on you first my dearest love,

But you did destroy all the shops and banks. 


I just miss you when I wake up each morning,

Our bed seems so empty, big and cold,

You’ll always be welcome to lie right next to me,

I know you wouldn’t fit in, truth be told.


I often wonder where you sleep nowadays hun,

Whether your villainous lair is warm enough?

I remember you always needing hot water bottles,

When the winter weather cold and rough.


I watch you lots every day on the national news,

Our high definition TV frames you perfectly,

I can still see that twinkle in your blood red eyes,

It’s like you’re scowling towards me directly.


It’s hard for me to think you have forgotten us,

In your uncontrollable moments of violence,

But when I look at the heart shaped wreckage,

Your love shows in that crushed ambulance.


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