Would you choose the old red pill or the truth of the blue,

Would you suspend your reality for something very new,

Your view of the world challenged after a lifetime of lies,

Accepting your life you have built was just a bad disguise,

Faked within a computer program run in a huge laboratory,

Software engineers constructing the earth in this data factory,

Your hopes and dreams all because of a few lines of code,

Stored on a chip somewhere waiting for its time to reload,

Your memories of history stored away in the user archive,

Nothing more than ones and zeros for the searches to dive,

The universe expanding into extra capacity of the hard disk,

A finite size of memory for the seemingly infinite sets of risk,

A virtual Biosphere that could go on stretching for light years,

Squeezed into a storage device that never closes and clears,

So what is reality for simple human beings like  you and me,

Is it a program for someone to study and finally find life’s key,

Or are we one of many versions of ourselves living differently,

Each living the other choice we decided against concurrently,

Millions and millions of lives interconnected like a network,

Across space, time and dimensions where all life does lurk,

However your reality is the only one that truthfully matters,

This is yours to shape and let grow or just leave it in tatters,

Reality is what you make of your life and fulfilling your means,

Forget about the lesser versions of yourself and sod the machines.

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