The unforgettable poem


Thoughts of rhyme and reason fill my head,

Like passing ships in the dead of night,

The memory fades leaving a trail of waves,

I can’t remember try as hard as I might.


The ultimate night time barrage of creativity,

Happening behind my closed sightless eyes,

My brain wide awake writing beautiful words,

With no way of release until the sun rise.


The unforgettable poem forming in my brain,

Perfect prose and punctuation produced,

It was safely tucked up in my memory banks,

Stored for tomorrow to come out to roost.


The poem relaxing on a fluffy bed of neurons,

Gathering it’s thoughts for the big reveal,

But it had chance to be lazy and have a lie in,

Now it’s gone to where memories congeal.


It should have been out in public and shining,

Filling the world’s airwaves with its beauty,

Being read out by hundreds of adoring people,

Endlessly giving pleasure and doing its duty.


It could have easily published in magazines,

Seen by the most eminent poets around,

Picked up by the BBC and spread worldwide,

Becoming several country’s national sound.


Instead its artistically thought up verses died,

Before they had time to spread a lyrical wing,

The world will never know its beautiful lines,

The unforgettable poem nobody will ever sing.

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