City where nobody knows your name


Alone in a bustling buzz of a busy crowd,

Unnoticed by friend or stranger,

Familiar streets filled with unfamiliar faces,

Not knowing safety or danger.


Like a shoal of feeding fish keeping away,

Repelled by a poisonous coral,

Or a stranger walking into a local pub,

Ordering a meal with sorrel.


Shopping centres and farmers markets,

The conversations running wild,

A constant stream of sales and banter,

Data gathered and then filed.


Fifty percent sales and then another ten,

Always done for mate’s rates now,

I don’t bring or buy anything in this town,

I don’t have the friends or knowhow.


Coffee shops selling personalised drinks,

Signing them in the finest cocoa,

Their valued customers names on top,

Using the beans from Morocco.


I never taste the unique normality,

I’ve never been a valued customer,

Unskilled barristers haven’t seen me,

Passing through dry in the summer.


The local friendly banking service,

Raring to make your money grow,

Taking your hard earned wages,

And securing it with a big bow.


Locking your vault with passwords,

That are just between you two,

I haven’t got those premium bonds,

I’m not on the banks who’s who.


All manner of food is now available,

Hot or cold, fast or slow cooked,

The finest dining change can buy,

Just as long as you’ve pre-booked.


Your name’s the only thing required,

To taste the flavour of the world,

But I only eat scavenged morsels now,

As I lay here nightly tightly curled.


The city where nobody knows me,

Has been home for all my life,

Bringing up seventeen tiny fox cubs,

I have a big part in the wildlife.

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