Under heavy leaden rain filled skies,

The sea pounds the craggy rocks,

Hidden rock pools lay like man traps,

As a wooden ship quietly docks.


The baron island long since deserted,

Taken over by the wind and waves,

Life hanging on by tooth and fin here,

Yet a hidden secret lies in the caves.


Three weather beaten men landed,

Tattered clothes and tattooed arms,

Silently secured the splintered ship,

Before kissing their own lucky charms.


Scrambling over razor sharp boulders,

And avoiding the rock pool traps,

The three journeyed up to their goal,

The big X on there battered maps.


The sea grew fainter each minute,

Till they were surrounded by stone,

The black land sucking daylight up,

The darkness chilling to the bone.


The map indicated the cave neared,

The dark entrance just to the left,

The three men couldn’t stop so close,

So they entered the jagged cleft.


Filled with cobwebs and stalactites,

The three battling all their fears,

The cave walls closing in on them,

As their ultimate bounty nears.


Just then they see a magical sight,

A sight not many people know,

A Pikacho ready for them to catch,

On their version of pokemon go.


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