Whether it’s paved with good intentions,

Or topped with the finest gold.

The road you walk or drive down,

Ever winding, destination untold.


Curves like a brightly coloured rainbow,

Hidden dips never clearly warned.

The road to absolutely anywhere,

No signposts or directions adorned.


Nowhere to be found on google maps,

Neither the A to Z pages too.

This uncharted but well travelled road,

Belongs only to me and you.


Experiences and memories surround it,

Like some old expensive homes.

An obsessive hoarders possessions.

Gathered from everywhere we all roam.


Many other roads intersect it,

Cross or travel side by side.

Some of the surfaces join smoothly,

But others have a bumpier ride.


Whether you walk or drive down it,

It’s the choice we have to make.

There’s no speed limits on this road,

No chugging tractors for you to overtake.


The lay bys are fraught with danger,

On this road of our uniquely lived lives.

stop still too long in a place,

A pair of boredom police unwantedly arrives.


There are no driving lessons ,

On this tight and winding highway.

You learn on the way down this route,

Your knowledge, no one else can say.


Views of triumph and suffering,

Go by on each and every side.

Vistas of a world full of countries,

Go past on this lifelong personal joyride.


The length of road is undetermined,

It travels to its own end.

After which is dusty brown earth,

The journey from then is unpenned.



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