A Sea Monster Landed .


Gathering its almighty power from the deep and turbulent ocean,

Growing exponentially from a mere wisp to a global conversation,

Originating from the loneliness and emerging unseen by all,

Rising from the wavy surface to stand over a thousand feet tall,

This monster born from the tropical sea takes many nightmarish forms,

Ever changing exterior like a bad dream about one of the perfect storms,

With one deadly calm and never blinking eye that blindly leads,

Across the warm sea towards land while harnessing heat as it feeds,

Parting the waves as it heads unstoppably towards dry land,

The monster’s final destination and its grave among the sand,

Near the beach the beast bares its brutal brawn,

Swallowing everything with indiscriminate scorn,

Trees plucked like weeds from an overgrown garden,

Houses ripped from their foundations without burden,

The sea monster’s footsteps prominent on the deserted streets,

Concrete pillars and lampposts discarded like foils on sweets,

Broken glass smashed into the once picturesque sand,

Life giving water pipes ripped out the battered land,

In the sea monster’s wake wrecked lives come out of hiding,

Shock then disbelieve comes before the task of rebuilding,

The huge beast continued on its track like a freight train,

Its unbelievable force unbridled with no driver at its rein,

Through towns and villages the towering nightmare ploughed,

The harnessed power of the sea draining with each dust cloud,

This huge traveling terror from the powerful blue ocean,

Dying and its massive body beginning its dispersion,

It’s final raw going unheard as it dissolved away,

The sea monster’s fear surfacing another far off day.

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