Father and Son


Jesus said to God while sitting at a great height,

The world looks good on this black starry night,

All those children of yours sleeping in their beds,

With dreams of goodness going round their heads,

All the animals you meticulously created,

All the fiddly bits I know you kind of hated,

Can I ask you father where you got your ideas from?

My dear son can’t you take a look and see,

Everything I created fits in nature so perfectly,

All the creatures I painstakingly planned and made,

Have everything they need to live and never fade,

But Father why are many of your creations suffering,

Look down there and see that wildebeest staggering,

You should know all about that my dear boy,

Everything has to die and their atoms I redeploy,

But o heavenly Father are you not the creator,

Surely you don’t need something else’s matter,

Son you should have worked out by now,

You can’t create something just by saying pow,

But Father can I ask the question all people wonder,

How did you create the universe, without going under?

Well my dear boy I have been keeping this a secret from you,

Do you know your huge pet rabbit, it didn’t go to a far away zoo.


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