The Two Trees .


Rock solid heart wood .

Sturdy fountain of tangled roots.

The two giant redwoods together.

Stable, ever growing, a pair of brutes .


 King and Queen of the windswept forest .

Rotting leaves under fallen branches surround .

Dappled sunlight struggling through the thick canopy .

Hitting the dark, damp, life giving ground .


Two colossuses emerging together .

Saplings once missed in the mists of time .

Now dominating this gnarled ancient forest .

Rulers of the kingdom in which they climb .


 Hundreds of creatures around them .

Living in the dark and gloomy holes .

Overshadowed by twos majestic beauty .

Protected by these immense wooden poles .


 Climbing their way out the darkness .

There tangled leaves yearning for light.

These two amazing redwoods .

So public but so private, what a sight .

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